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Intead Webinar

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Predicting Revenue, Enrollment & Student Success

From transactional to transformative growth: learn how your institution can leverage your existing data to deliver predictable growth to your enrollment and student success plans for higher education. 

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Meet our hosts and guest speakers


  • Lisa Adams, MD: Associate Dean for Global Health, Director of the Center for Global Health Equity, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
  • Ben Waxman (webinar host): CEO, Intead
  • Ashish Fernando (webinar host): CEO, iSchoolConnect
  • Jesus Trujillo Gomez: Strategic Business Executive at Google Cloud
  • Kerry Salerno: CMO, Babson College
  • Hillary Dostal: Economics Adjunct Professor and Lecturer, Northeastern University and Endicott College

Opinions provided by experts during this webinar are based on their experience and do not represent their institutions.

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New Release!

A Guide to Real Predictive Analytics Success
From case studies of predictive analytics in action to practical guidance on implementation (and yes, a bit on those predictive pitfalls), this new ebook will provide you with the tools to empower your team and your students with the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Download available here

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Ben Waxman, Intead CEO, Ashish Fernando, iSchoolConnect CEO, and their guest speakers discuss predictive analytics, and a modular, smarter approach to enrollment management and student success powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In this webinar, you will learn more about:
- Processes to make enrollment and revenue streams more predictable.
- Making technology investments less risky and more affordable.
- Practical advice on student success during a pandemic and how policies backed by technology and real-time data can support these efforts. 
- Intead's new ebook A Guide to Real Predictive Analytics Success. 
- How the new partnership between Intead, iSchoolConnect, and Google addresses institutions' needs with a smart, flexible, modular approach.

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