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A Guide to Real Predictive Analytics Success

The End of False Promises

Predictive analytics (aka predictive modeling) has taken the world of higher education by storm over the past decade. Institutions are making smart transitions as they employ the data from artificial intelligence tools to their enrollment management and student success strategies. 

From case studies of predictive analytics in action to practical guidance on implementation (and yes, a bit on those predictive pitfalls), this report will provide you with the tools to empower your team and your students with the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. And, because we know all eyes are on your bottom line, now more than ever, we’ll discuss how much it will cost to make sure your institution ends up a predictive modeling success story. 

We’re here to look into the future of student recruitment and retention. 

In this report you will learn:

  • What exactly is predictive analytics and why it matters in higher education
  • How predictive analytics methodologies have demonstrated success -- a case study
  • Helpful tips and guides to vet your current and future vendors
  • The general costs of predictive analytics
  • A model for making smart, incremental technology investments that produce results.