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Peer-to-Peer Student Conversations:

How influential are they and what's their value for your recruitment strategy? 

Authenticity matters to your applicants. Learn more about the power of student ambassadors and how they can help your institution cut through the noise in our latest research report. 

Together with Unibuddy, we analyzed over 370,000 peer-to-peer conversations from international students to learn more about what prospective students are asking current student ambassadors and how these conversations influence their university selection process. 

In this report you will learn:

  • What exactly do prospective students find most helpful about peer-to-peer interactions?
  • At what point in the funnel are student ambassadors most effective?
  • How do student trends vary between regions and levels of degree seeking?
  • What do these findings mean for your messaging? 
  • And more!
Unibuddy January 2020