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Intead E-Books

The New Student Enrollment Playbook:

COVID-19 Edition

As leaders, our job is to be real and motivate action in times of crisis, help others find a sense of normalcy, and present ways that
our institutions can persevere when ambiguity abounds. Your institution's mission has not changed though new approaches to achieving that mission are required. 

It’s time to think long-term, think big, and think different — and fast, or risk your institution’s future enrollment, or future, period. 

From specific, actionable guidance on crisis management, online learning platforms and navigating this new student recruitment reality, this eBook gathers all of our latest insights, including the advice from our COVID Town Hall meetings with industry experts.

In this report you will learn:

  • What COVID-19 teaches us (three takeaways)
  • How digital marketing is even more critical (and how to employ it)
  • The perceived value of online learning and what that means to your recruiting plans
  • How a focus on student success is essential to your messaging and services offered
  • Much more, as in many links to supporting resources