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Intead Digital Audit

Manage Your International Digital Presence

It’s a simple truth that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. 

It's time to understand exactly what your target audience perceives when they explore your digital presence. When you purchase an Intead Digital Audit for your institution, you will receive: 

  • Initial online survey to assess areas of concern
  • Customized review of your website accessibility in your target countries, including: 
    Mobile accessibility
    Content accessibility (videos, social media links, maps etc.)
    Language support
  • Analysis of in-country search site rankings
  • Email Assessment (up to 3 emails selected by you)
  • Social Media Audit
  • Google Analytics
  • Concrete recommendations to improve your strategy

Package Options

1)  Intead Digital Audit One-time Purchase = $3,950

Includes one-time audit of digital presence in up to 2 target countries selected by the client, including the services mentioned above.

2)  Intead Digital Audit Subscription = $2,100/quarter 

Includes ongoing monitoring of digital presence in target countries (up to 2), including the services mentioned previously, plus:

  •  Includes quarterly calls and support sessions with Intead staff
  •  Quarterly or yearly final report
  •  Subscriber discount – $100 off any Intead conference or workshop
  •  Intead International Academic Web Traffic Annual Report (see below)

For this type of agreement, we will require that subscribers stick with a set of 2 countries for a minimum of 6-month of analysis before we can offer analysis of a different set of 2 countries. We recommend maintaining the same 2 countries selected for a full year to get the full benefit of the analysis.