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Strategic Enrollment Planning

3 Essential Budget Questions

When you need to justify or evaluate a budget request, it can be difficult to identify the true value of a project and the potential it has to meet your strategic goals. So many considerations and factors that muddy the picture.

Intead provides a simplified framework to approaching your budget approval process with three simple questions. You want to move your institution from point A to point B. Your plans exist and yet, you don't seem to be arriving at point B. Or perhaps you arrive, but not in style.






This simple flow chart distills the issues and focuses your thinking around:

  • How a budget request aligns with Institutional strategic goals and the tactics employed
  • What type of institutional learning could/should emerge from moving forward
  • Where the scalable growth opportunities are
  • What you need to evaluate to make it all work and achieve more

Arrive at Point B in style. We can help!